Career Technical Education

Roseville City School District

Career Technical Education

Career Technical Education (CTE) courses are offered at each of the four RCSD Middle School sites.  These courses teach our students to think critically with applied math and science, develop problem-solving skills, and hone the technical proficiency required of college students and employees in a competitive, global economy.  

足球滚球比分 A University of Connecticut researcher conducted a study on the benefits of students’ exposure to CTE programs, finding that these students “are more likely to graduate from high school, enroll in a two-year college, be employed, and earn higher wages.” RCSD doesn’t take those statistics lightly. In fact, we continue to invest in our children and these programs, having recently received a $400,000 Career Technical Education Incentive Grant (CTEIG) to provide additional supplies, class availability and resources to bolster their success.

The following CTE courses are offered at our middle schools:

足球滚球比分 Buljan: Computer Science

足球滚球比分 Chilton: PLTW

足球滚球比分 Cooley: Bike Repair

Eich: Woodshop